Get rid of unforgiveness

We may not be able to stop people from offending us, but we sure can stop the offence from impacting on us. Trying to figure out why someone who offended you once or who constantly offends you in someway is futile. I have come to realise that people who hurt others knowingly have something hurting within themselves. And some honestly do not have any idea that what they did may have caused an offence. However the situation, letting an offence stop you should never be an option.

Not everyone is focused on a destination, so when someone offends you, don’t get distracted by it, neither let the offence stop you from making progress. If the devil can’t come to you directly to stop you, he usually will use something or someone close to you has done to try stop you.

It does make it harder when the person that offends is someone who you regard or respect highly or even someone you expect to understand you more. Whatever the case, no excuse for an offence is good enough to make you harbor bitterness or wallow in unforgiveness. Never let another person’s bad choices or character make you do things that are contrary to your inner values.

Most times asking questions to clarify why they did what caused the offence is advisable. It’s not always the best to assume they did it on purpose and act in defiance without having talked about it. Remember to err is a common trait people often exude some unknowingly and to talk about it when offended is a godly induction…Matthew 18:15.

Refuse to harbor unforgiveness, refuse to allow bitterness rule in your mind. Much can be achieved if only we gave more time to talking it over rather than acting abruptly and unrestrained when we feel offended. God Bless You.

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