Marriage – A divine union

Marriage is meant to be a union between two people. God declared a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife…Genesis 2:24. In the garden of Eden, everything was okay until a third party showed up in the marriage. This third party seemed to have known something that was missing in the union and tried to “counsel” one of the partners on things that could be done to “spice” up things in their marriage. This information as convincing as it looked was a deception that ultimately separated the marriage from God’s will.

Marriage should be a holy matrimony between two people in love and not a forum where other parties outside should dictate what goes on in it. Both partners ought to make a commitment to guard their marriage from external influences especially when the influences are tailored to show you what you are missing in your marriage or the deficiency of one of the parties in the union. Most times this becomes a deception and forces couples into a place of discontent with each other.

What people read off the internet, movies they watch, celebrities they follow, “advises” from friends and families as good as they may be could now become a source of friction that may take down the excitement in the marriage. Some find themselves also constantly comparing their spouse and their marriage with other marriages. This ought not to be so. Just as everyone is different, so is every marriage.

Couple should seek to understand each other – their strengths and weaknesses and help to inspire the strengths. Be content with what God has given to you and celebrate it. The more you do, the more it appreciates in its value. Most marriages do not lack anything but focus on the marriage. Too many people plague their marriage with expectations that have been inspired from external sources.

A husband should focus on loving his wife and put less focus on trying to get her to fit the image in his head. A wife should focus on his husband and not try to compare him to some fantasy in her head. Study your spouse to understand him/her and not create an expectation based on something you read, listened to or watched…for he/she is God’s gift to you. I pray that our eyes may clearly see the value that God has placed in our spouse and grant us the patience to bring the best out of marriage. God Bless You

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