Remember your parents in marriage

Everyone that exist in this world has been blessed at one point or the other to have someone who had taken care or nurtured you in some form to be the person you have become. I would like for the purpose of this writings call them parents.

In the path of marriage parents should not be disregarded. Its often a big red flag and a cause for concern to be involved with someone who immediately tries to severe the ties and relationship you have had with your parents. A great partner will not only try to encourage a good relationship with your parent(s) but also try to reconcile where possible sour relationships with your parents.

Parents are a blessing, a covering and have been endowed to see and counsel us in our lives. Someone who doesn’t treasure their roles in your life may ultimately not treasure you – most times in a matter of time this reality begins to set in. Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking they are so much in love with you but care less about your parents.

When seeking to get involved with someone, become interested in their parents. It is true that some parents could be over-indulging and ‘overprotective’ of their child and may not be aware of the impact of their intrusion ( I hope to address this in later writing), the truth remains that honor must however be given to them.

Their words should not be antagonized nor disregarded, and they should never be declared or deemed enemies of progress especially if your spouse had a great relationship with them before marriage. Your spouse should not instigate distrust with your parents but should be patient to help resolve altercations between you and them. Respect and honor your spouse’s parents cos there is a blessing for it. Sometimes things may be challenging with your spouse parents but ultimately let patience be your watch word and the path of peace be followed prayerfully.God Bless You.

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