Walking with God

So much to share about walking with God. Comes to a point in your life that serving God is more than just belonging to a church or doing things that religious people do. It comes to a point where you realize that nothing else in this world truly and deeply satisfies.

Associations, friendships, relationships, achievements and the experiences of this world just doesn’t cut it for you. Its a genuine and deep passion for your creator. A desire to know more of him and to fellowship more intimately with him. All your dreams, aspirations and wants don’t seem to compare with the innermost satisfaction of knowing your maker.

Prayer ceases to be a labour and sin looses its taste. Its an atmosphere where law dies and love breeds. It feels like heaven already. There is so much more depth in life than having worldly possessions, popularity, someone to love and hold you, dream houses and the cares that drive people insane and make them loose their dignity and inner values and ideals.

While these may give temporary pleasures, nothing will ever compare to knowing the maker of life intimately. This is true satisfaction and I pray you come to this place if you haven’t. Don’t just belong to a church, follow a leader, do christian things …know God intimately… for without this life will always be plagued with struggles.

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