A victorious mindset

Victorious mindset does not mean the absence of challenges. It only means a mind set on the goal, purpose and dream irrespective of the challenge.

Satan is not interested in anything else than stopping you from making progress. Jesus endured the shame for the JOY that was ahead. When you accomplish a goal there is a JOY of fulfillment. Challenges come to try stop you from getting to the JOY at the end of your goals. Refuse to let challenges STOP you. Keep going, keep moving, keep declaring, keep praising. If you STOP, then the challenge has won, if you keep going then you will go through. Don’t spend time wondering WHY, HOW – Satan doesn’t need to make sense to STOP you. You keep your heart and mind focused. Do not seek a shortcut out of the challenge, that’s just another distraction!!! Keep your dreams alive even when no one else believes in it.

You are a force BUT you won’t be one if you kept still. Impose your personality on the circumstance, speak as though they don’t exist. Ignore the challenges because that is their weakness. Laugh at them because they don’t find that funny. Do the unexpected and the supernatural will happen. The greater one is alive in you. Choose to laugh when challenges demand you to cry, choose to smile when they demand you to frown, choose to rejoice when they demand you to sorrow. SET your mind on the goal cos there is a JOY awaiting you at the end.

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