Be specific when you pray

Daniel 10:12 – … thy words were heard and I have come for thy words.

An angel had to visit Daniel because of what he said in prayer. When we speak forth in prayer we cause angels to come and attend to our concerns. Our words are powerful and they cause spiritual activities for or against us.

Jesus said if we said to the mountain be removed and be cast into the see and shall not doubt, but believe what we said will come to pass, we shall have what we said…Mark 11:23. Three important things noted in this scripture

(i) We must SAY what we want to see happen. Be specific in your utterances. Ambiguity in prayer produces no results.

(ii) We must not doubt. The presence of believe does not necessarily mean there may not be doubts, but a condition for your declarations to come to pass is the ABSENCE of DOUBT. Remember a double-minded (believing and doubting minded) person cannot receive anything from God. (James 1:6-8). Doubt comes when we begin to consider conditions contradicting what we have spoken or believed. Remember Peter’s doubt was what sank him (Matthew 14:31) even though he was in Jesus’ presence.

(iii) Believe what YOU said. This is different from believing what GOD said. Have value for your words. The consciousness of the value of what you have spoken triggers angelic response. Jesus further stressed ‘When ye pray, believe’.

I pray that angels will respond to your faith-based utterances today in Jesus name. God Bless You.

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