Blessed with an amazing wife

Facebook asked whats on my mind so I thought I give it a piece of my mind….

While praying for my wife this morning, I began to talk to God about my love for her – never knew words could mean that much that they touched me so I thought I put it down while the heart still beat with the echoes of my love. In less than a week it will be our marriage anniversary and I will have to renew my vows with the love of my life…I hope I’ll still have something to say by then but I guess the heart knows no dates nor special occasions when it needs to pour itself out.

She was perfect when I met her and in truth never met anyone as perfect as she was in my eyes. Very undeserving of her but yet was blessed to have her be mine. Years have passed and time has flown and I have realized that she wasn’t as perfect as I thought. Yeah she is worth more than I actually thought, much more perfect in mine eyes that I often wished I had met her earlier than I did. Her imperfections makes her even more perfect and loveable. To have someone who could be gentle but yet powerful, imperfect but yet beyond perfection, intimidating but yet humble. If you don’t understand what I mean then you can imagine how wonderful and intriguing my world has been with my beautiful wife.

I thought I was wise until I met her, have learnt valuable lessons about me from her and even when she said nothing spoke volumes. I have become a better person because of my beautiful wife and I can only imagine why God chose to love his church the way he does despite her seeming imperfections. Inspired, motivated, educated, strengthened, empowered, katayad, brakadashed (hehe tongues) are all the beautiful verbs I can allude to my knowledge of her. She has been a real blessing to me. My life has been transformed by her being her. I hope my testimony will be engraved somehow on the scrolls of time that a woman passed through this world and made one young man a very happy man. I love my wife and incase you don’t know yet …please may I introduce you to the prettiest of all … Mrs Tino Odon

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