Build on God’s principles

The systems of this world is unreliable and constantly changing. God and his principles can never change. If you are building on God’s principles, then refuse to let the systems of this world determine your response in life. Why do people’s faith go up and down like a yoyo? … because they mix their faith principles with world-based observations.

Abraham had to separate himself from his country and was looking for a city (a principle of life), whose builder and maker was God. The world has experienced longer marriages without the counselors, more peace without peace treaties, more health without the medical systems. One vital thing that has dwindled overtime is man’s absolute trust in the unseen with all the knowledge available. It looks like the more we know the more we joggle options. We are discovering so much but yet the problems getting greater because we have become less dependent on faith in the unseen. God is the same and his word is unchangeable. If we are to see the bible alive, then we must completely yield ourselves to the infallible process of the WORD.

The intellectual world is governed by a set of people who have set the pace in the world. These are people of influence and great intelligence, some disbelievers in the existence of God. To trust in their principles, is to limit yourself to their understanding and discoveries. To trust in God’s principle is to be ready to be their next discovery. Go for God’s WORD today. In it is all the answers to life issues. God Bless you.

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