Dealing with anxiety Part 1

Something that has been on my mind for a while and I hope over the next set of days to be able to talk about and hopefully help someone reading is ANXIETY DISORDERS. Agorophobia, PTSD, OCD, Phobias, Stress, Panic Attacks and more are all common names to express the Anxiety disorder. I am not a medical doctor, so I will not be too specific on the medical side of things but will try to relate to people to whom these things may make sense. I also hope to be able to empower those who may have friends and loved ones which may be having such condition challenges in their lives. When you know, you are empowered. Statistics show that 1 in every 4 people experience this “disorder”.

The first thing I want to state is that the scripture states and I completely believe that with God all things are possible… Luke 1:37. This means that the condition is recoverable irrespective of any genetical history or how long one may have had this experieinces for. So if you are in search for how to get rid of the condition, then cheer up because it is possible.

For those who are not sure what ANXIETY DISORDER means you may read up on it but I make bold to say that it is some health condition that ALOT of people suffer from AND really no medical cures. Below is a little story I will try to put together just so I can illustrate the condition. Many of this symptoms and descriptions may differ but as I go along I hope I can identify the common elements and also proffer the scriptural prescriptions for them.

EJ is a beautiful young girl in her early twenties that seemed to have a fair good life until lately when she has been having lots of challenges in life. Broke up with the boyfriend, the parents are on the verge of separation and she is having some challenges paying bills where she currently lives. All these stuffs keeps her mind constantly busy and worried about what to do next or what may possibly happen in her life. She rarely sleeps well at night cos she is constantly waking up to racing hearts and thoughts about relationships, love security and bills paying.

In the heat of this constant worry and vagueness of the future EJ is doing grocery shopping one evening when she begins to feel dizzy, her hearts starts to race fast and feelings of choking in her throat and chest. She things she is probably having a heart attack and the fear that she might be dying strikes her. She reaches for her phone and dials 000 and secures an ambulance that rushes her to the hospital. A thorough check is done on her …ECG, some blood test and they all return negative. EJ on hearing that the results are all negative and that she is okay begins to feel better and is sent back home. On returning home another string of thoughts is added to her mind – her experience during the day, the drama. She returns to do grocery the following day and while she is doing grocery, she remembers what happened yesterday and all the symptoms begin to well up within her, a racing heart, dizzy spell and for this reason she spends just a short time in the grocery and wants to JUST GO HOME for the fear that she may collapse in the mall.

The whole experience has changed her life dramatically and over time here are some few things that now happens in EJ’s life

(i) She doesn’t like spending too much time with friends or in be in a place where there are people because of the fear she may feel dizzy, confused or something terrible may happen (social anxiety)
(ii) She things she is going crazy cos she is constantly having random thoughts in her head and most of them are very negative thoughts
(iii) Short term memory cos she isn’t sleeping very well
(iv) Constant pain all over her body, weakness and not feeling like doing anything. Small tasks seems to be way too complicated for her. Making a slight change in any plan causes distress for her.
(v) The feeling that she is going to die soon, sometimes feeling like she is dreamy or not herself (disassociation and derealisation)
(vi) Always on the edge, feeling agitated and easily angered with little or no patience for anything and doesn’t think the world is a nice place.
(vii) Constant strange sensations in her head, headaches and twitches in her body.
(viii) Random heart palpitations, shortness of breath and choking feeling in the throat
(ix) A feeling that the doctors just haven’t discovered what is wrong with her despite visiting many doctors and done so many tests. She believes it might be some strange sickness, a tumor or something
(x) Constantly checking the internet for cures, health forums for similar experiences of people and sometimes she feels good and other times she feels worse. Listening to the news makes her feel more sick cos alot of negative news.
(xi) Constantly checking to see she is saying the right thing or trying to figure out what people are thinking. Her mind is constantly racing
(xii) She is now on all kinds of medications to treat pains, headaches, memory loss, body weakness etc and also medications to treat the side effects from other medications. She got all these from doctors and her Internet education.
(xiii) Constantly praying – Oh God heal me in Jesus Name. She wants healing because it has all been going on for too long. Many have laid hands on her and declared she is healed but she still feels the symptoms.

Does her story sound familiar to you … Everything can change around. For with God all things are possible. Will continue to talk more about this by God’s grace.

God Bless You

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