Dealing with Anxiety Part 2

Cast all your anxiety upon him for he cares for you …1st Peter 5:7

Following the earlier notes written I will explain the “science” of what has been happening to EJ. In later write up I will also proffer based on scriptural foundation how to deal with these health challenge of anxiety. Like I said in the previous note my aim is to help those who are going through something similar or who may want to help a loved one. This is not a medical or scientific publication 🙂

The brain is very amazing in the way it functions. One of its great ability is the ability to create a subconscious response pattern from repetitive actions. The brain has both ability to record an experience as well as the emotions associated to the experience. This ability of the brain makes it possible for the brain to prepare us for the next time a similar thought or experience takes place. This is one of the keys to understanding habits. A habit is something that has been consciously practiced until it latches unto our subconscious. The very thought of the habit is enough to CREATE and arouse the emotions and feelings of the habit EVEN when the habit has not been practiced. No wonder the very thought of something makes people feel as though they are already participating in it. Now if the feelings is already there, most people will just go ahead to do it and hence consummate their feelings. The bible however warns to cast down imaginations and feelings not consistent with God’s Word..2nd Corinthians 10:5

EJ as seen in our earlier illustration has through the training of her mind practiced worry as a HABIT. Her obsessive thoughts has conditioned her whole being to constantly be on the edge. All the symptoms she has experienced are all vague and do not indicate any real health issue. This is probably why there has not been any medical explanations. As long as the body is concerned, it is functioning the way it has been trained to. Her conscious is now slave to her subconscious and thereby enforcing the activities of the subconscious. The symptoms are all products of constant worry and obsessive thoughts. Her constant concern and probe of her health only make the initial cycle of fear, worry and agitations worse. She has become caught in the cycle of anxiety where she becomes anxious about her anxieties. Anxiety simply put is a HABIT. It is FEAR based. It is not a sickness that can be resolved with medication, neither is it a devil that can be casted out. The only way to put an end to this cycle is to change the habit of fear, stop practicing anxiety. I will share more about this.

People with anxiety are very special people. They have been able to successfully create feelings, emotions and symptoms that they constantly experience through obsessive actions and thoughts. They are also very strong for been able to deal with life daily despite all these symptoms. Imagine if they could change all the obsessive fearful thoughts to powerful, innovative, godly inspired thoughts that excites their mind and spirit. It means they could always create excitement and feel good in their being. Now no one ever goes to the doctor to be treated for feeling good, hence no need to bother the doctor about feeling anxious. The cycle of anxiety needs to be broken, and when the cycle is broken, EVERY single symptom will cease. Many treat the symptoms with medications, and need to take more medications to treat side effects. Medications don’t treat HABITS, and hence will never cure anxiety. They suppress the symptoms but never deal with the cause. I am speaking both from the word of God I have come to know, experiences I have had and people I have counselled. I hope to focus a little more on how to completely get rid of anxiety and its associative symptoms. It is amazing how knowledge empowers and frees you. The bible says “fear has torment..1st John 4:18” but also states that you shall know the truth and it will set you free…John 8:32. Anxiety could destroy a future, paralyse a dream and make out of a soul an island of confusion. But if the son of man sets such a person free, then are they free indeed…John 8:36

Hope to share more on destroying the structures of anxiety and rejoicing evermore. God Bless You.

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