Dealing with Anxiety Part 3

Romans 12:2 – Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants-what is good, pleasing, and perfect.

Today I will want to talk about two main things that are very important in dealing with Anxiety. They are routines and habits.

The power of a routine in an everyday life cannot be over-emphasized. We are probably well acquainted of the power of routines for the development of a child. It helps secure them as it eliminates all unknowns and helps them concentrate in everyday activities. Statistics shows that children without routines are more susceptible to emotional anxiety because of the presence of many ‘unknowns’. As adults a well planned routine to include spiritual growth, rest and relaxation, exercise and nutrition is so vital in destroying the structures of anxiety. Routines should not be rigid but rather be a guide to help build healthy habits and character. Have a proper routine written down and fill every hour of your day with activities you intend to do. The contents of your daily routine must reflect time for spiritual growth, rest and relaxation based activities, exercise and healthy eating.

The second thing is habits. These are actions that are consciously repeated over time until they become part of our subconscious response in life. They help build our character and ultimately who we are. If you have a routine in place, and within this routine you make room to consciously build certain character, these will build healthy anxiety-free lifestyle. This may not seem as something that eliminates the anxiety initially but with time the rewards are usually very amazing. Your confidence builds, random thoughts are drastically reduced and your brain begins to build new response patterns that are fear-free. Fear thrives in the midst of chaos and unpreparedness but consistency breeds sanity. Below are somethings that must be included in your daily routine that will help. Don’t just have them, but make efforts to practice them. Like i said, you might not notice an initial difference but believe me, if you stick to them over time, there will be major transformation in life. These things destroys the structures of anxiety and their symptoms.

– Prayer/ Worship Routine. Spend time in prayer and fellowship with the spirit. Philippians 4:6

– Meditation. Focus your thoughts on God’s word and his ability. Give time to confession and declarations. You may choose a verse of scripture, listen to a message, self-talk (talk to yourself up during this period). Joshua 1:8

– Beautiful thoughts of past experiences, future dreams. Try writing them down beforehand and during this time focus your thoughts on thinking on them. This is CONSCIOUS THINKING and if done daily will ultimately become the kind of thoughts that fill your mind subconsciously. Thoughts about love, friendship, achievements, family, fun times whatever will bring a smile on your face. Philippians 4:8

– Exercise. They help burn up adrenalin, and release the ‘feel-good’ endorphin for the body. It profits little. Check on youtube for some you can do at home if you cannot join a gym. As little as 10mins daily can be quite rewarding. 1st Timothy 4:8

– Get involved in something that is intellectually challenging AND also exciting. Learn new instruments, join a group for something, community project, taking pictures or whatever you can that can be inspiring and rewarding. Anxiety sometime is a reflection of boredom of the mind and spirit.

– Relaxation. Practise relaxation as a routine. Deep breathing during relaxation time is very good as you feel refreshed. Play some relaxation instrumentals while practising deep breathing. Remember that the opposite of an anxiety-filled lifestyle is a relaxation-based lifestyle. This involves the body, the mind and the spirit.

– A good sleep. God gives his beloveth sleep (Psalm 127:2). Lack of sleep worsens anxiety symptoms especially memory loss, agitation, trembling but as you keep practicing a relaxation based lifestyle sleep improves. Never stress over not sleeping, just sleep what you can and fill the rest of the nights with your relaxation routines. Remember also that good evening exercise does help with sleep 🙂

Please note that the consistency is more important than the duration spent on each activity considering the fact that we could have very busy schedules. Giving time to these things will make you very effective in creating an anxiety free lifestyle. Some of these routines may involve just 5 to 10 mins daily but overtime become so amazingly rewarding. Make a lifestyle out of this and not just aiming to stop anxiety symptoms. Some people feel good for a time and then stop the routines only to find themselves back with these anxious lifestyle. It is so important to write your routines and plans down and not just have them in the head. There is a great secret behind writing things down. God often tells his people to write down things. When you write things down, you think less about them. When you plan them, you think less because you know a time has been allocated for them…Habakkuk 2:2-3

I will share some more facts about anxiety. There are answers you must give to anxious thoughts when they show up. One of the things I learnt, is that when you give an answer to anxious thoughts, your mind records those answers and these answers are the subconscious response that it gives when the thoughts come in the future. This I found amazing because with such training for your mind, you can completely eliminate anxious thoughts. It doesn’t stop them from coming but you have prepared your spirit to handle such thoughts. God Bless You.

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