Dealing with Anxiety Part 4

If you have been following the thoughts shared, I do pray and hope that you should have learnt something about destroying the structures of Anxiety in your life. It is never worth fighting it, just begin to practice a relaxation based lifestyle. The word of God admonishes to not do anxiety but rather give yourself to prayer and you will be granted peace beyond human understanding… Philippians 4:6

Here are some key truths you must write down, say to yourself and believe until the subconscious registers it and reproduce it when needed.

– Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you. If you were laughing from a joke until you felt pain in your tummy, will you go see the doctor?. If you went to watch a horror movie and your heart started to beat fast due to a scene will you call 000. I would expect the answer to be ‘no’. You won’t because you know what has caused these sensations, you will just keep going with life. The feelings of anxiety are nothing but sensations that is released by the brain due to the distress of constant worries and racing thoughts. It makes no difference whether they are feelings of not fully awake, you feel tired, constant headaches, back troubles, balance, throat chocking, sensitivity to lights and sound etc. They are nothing but sensations. People with anxiety feel all kinds of random sensations all over their body. The key to getting rid of them is focus on the activities as discussed yesterday on your routines. Whatever you give attention to you magnify in your life.

– Anxiety makes you respond to something that will never happen. If you met a lion on the street that you weren’t expecting to see, it makes sense for you to feel rapid heart beats, an out of body experience etc. This is because your body has been programmed to prepare you to either flee or fight or do something to rescue yourself. Adrenalin is heavily secured to use for the encounter with this lion. In time of danger people are recorded to have done the most unbelievable things due to sudden charge of energy in the situation. Anxiety makes the body secure the same energy, create the same feelings as though it was facing something confronting. The truth is that nothing confronting exist. These adrenalin must however be used up somehow and hence the reason for random symptoms and sensations. There is no lion at the supermarket, nor at the church, or any place you used to enjoy going before. So why the feelings of panic attacks and anxiety at the thought of going there. All the what if? questions are all symptoms of anxiety and refuse to give in to them. Free yourself by practicing what anxiety says you cannot and should not do. Question … anxiety says you will collapse? have you ever collapsed? It says people will laugh at you? Have they ever laughed? It says you will die… but you are reading this. Refuse all these garbage that anxiety throws at you, because they are nothing but mirages. And just because you feel things don’t mean they exist. It is called sensations. They remain as long as you observe them, check for them, talk about them, research on them, think about them. Ignore them and soon they will become extinct.

– Watching a biggest loser episode one day, one of the contestants said to his coach during an exercise routine…”I can’t”. The coach responded …”your mind can’t but your body can”. Another example was when my wife was given birth. During the birth process due to pains and some of the medications she received, she began to feel dizzy. She held on to my hands and said…”honey, I think I am going to pass out”. I quickly related this message to one of the midwives and she smiled to me and pointed me to one of their machines and said …”she is okay. If she was going to pass out, we would have seen it here”. Here is my point… just because we feel something does not mean its real. As long as you remain in the zone of constantly checking for these feelings you will remain bound to them. Set your focus on the beautiful life God has set for you. Unleash your potentials in God by practicing freedom. Stop saying … “I have had anxiety for blah blah years” and start saying “I used to be anxious but not anymore”. When you begin to say this, your subconscious takes a hold of it. Your habits and behavior are the cure to anxiety. Stop saying I can’t and start saying I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Anxiety likes to keep people in their homes, makes them anti-socials, keep people in their heads, constantly breaking appointments and shutting themselves in. Arise in faith and take steps towards a fulfilled and beautiful life. When you do this, it will make you stronger person and more confident about life. Please do read more on the episode on routines and ensure you follow them. The truth is that the doctors who haven’t experienced anxiety have no idea what you are talking about and will find it extremely difficult to help. They only work with what they see and when they can’t see anything, they just keep satisfying your appointments with re-assurances and medications that makes you feel you are helped. Some of the medications even worsen the symptoms.

So say to yourself over and over again
– There is nothing wrong with me
– These are mere sensations that will run themselves out. They are not worth my time
– I am perfectly healthy, I have God’s life at work in me.
– I am perfectly in control, and I live a relaxation based life, a purposeful life. I am fulfilling every single dream that God has for me.
– Today is better than yesterday and I am loving it. Can’t wait for tomorrow cos greater glories await me.
– I am going out today, and will have a good time.
– I am strengthened in Jesus name. I represent Christ, I am his ambassador and everything I do is successful.

You may not feel what you say initially but if you keep saying things like this over and over again, your body, mind and spirit will get a hold of it and begin to release new feelings. Do understand that I used to be there and have experienced all these things. I know what I am talking about and so grateful to God for the opportunity to have experienced everything, because through it all I have become more than a conqueror with so much passion to see people been free unto God.

All things are possible to him that believes…Mark 9:23. God Bless You

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