Don’t focus on the challenges

What if you have had a very good 6 days of excitement and fun, and then comes this 1 hour in the seventh day where something goes wrong. What will the following week be for you?. Are you able to get back in the joy swing or your next days will be influenced by the 1 hour that went wrong. How much of your life in the last 7 days would actually had something going wrong?

Give everyday of your life a fair opportunity at happiness and success. Do not let the momentary upsets of a little time influence the joy of your days. Let everyday have an opportunity to testify of what they can be. In Phillipans 4:8 – it tells us to choose what we focus on. DON’T allow the things happening define what your life is about, but rather define your life through your FOCUS. It is an exercise that is possible. You can choose to be happy ALL THE TIME. Your will is always stronger than your emotions.

If you have a challenge, relate to it as that – A CHALLENGE. Your life should not be defined by challenges. It shouldn’t become all that exists in your life or all that your life is about. Your strength never comes from your overcoming of challenges, rather they come from the acknowledging what you have, not what you are expecting. Satan seeks to always distract us by making us focus on what went wrong, what isn’t working, who hasn’t said yes, what hasn’t happened. Our world becomes so reduced and it seems as if that is all that now remains in your world. Break out from the waiting zone, and be consumed by ALL that God has done. Write up a chronicles of all he has done in your life, rejoice and stand up from the seat of depression and frustration. Dare to have a testimony that ‘despite all that happened, I was unmovable’. It all comes from what you FOCUS on.

A man always complained of not having shoes until he met another without legs. Well you may say – ‘You don’t understand the way I feel’. Your feelings are connected to your thoughts. When you choose your thoughts, you will change your feelings. Feelings are a result of what we think. Some questions to ponder are – How much has these feelings helped you? How many things have they changed? Who is benefiting from these feelings? How much longer would you like to enjoy(if you do) these feelings? Why is the future of your happiness tied to something you are not in control of? Take control of your life by relating differently in thoughts. SATAN isn’t after you, he is after what you can do if your FOCUS is right. If he can distract you, he doesn’t need demons after you. Shake yourself up and move heaven through your unwavering fellowship with the Spirit and his Word.

Finally remember ALL things work together to them who LOVE GOD. Let your actions, confessions and meditations in the face of challenges be that you love God. To love God is to love his word above all else. Be safe and God Bless You

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