Don’t put God on hold

I want to take a break ! I need timeout !! Let me stop for a moment – this is getting too much !!!

The phrases above are often used when people feel they have had enough of the challenges or unpleasant situations or disappointments. To take a break while its a wise thing to do should never be applied in your relationship with God. Never take timeout in the call of God for your life. Most people end up not getting back to the place they ought to be. There is an enemy waiting to unleash on you. On the contrary take a break from the affairs of life to spend time with God. Take a break to re-focus on his dreams and will for your life but never put God on hold.

No friend, family, spouse , job, pursuit is worth putting God on hold for. When your service of God becomes too weary on your flesh, investigating deeper will reflect you havent spent enough time with his Spirit. God’s Spirit makes his service easy for you cos he is your strength. Prayer should always be your response to things that challenge your focus. Christians arent pretenders they are actors. We act in faith of God’s words. Things will only become better when your love-life with God gets better.

Dont put God on hold … Put him on top !!!

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