Encourage the weak

Sometimes we judge and respond to people based on the actions they may have taken. Other times we judge them for actions without considering the options they were faced with. If not satisfied with their actions we respond in upset, anger, frustrations and judgmental attitudes towards them without considering their inner desire and yearning for a change.

God’s love in us should make us see how beautiful and amazing they could be and search for only the good in them. If we focus on their good, we will strengthen them and help them reach their potentials and become that which God has called them to be. Focusing on the good in people is not condoning iniquity but it strengthens the “weak”, reconciles the destitute and encourages the disheartened.

It is true that correction is important but a correction without the language of love only makes the person hardened in the wrong things. Let your communication strengthen and demonstrate God’s love. Everyone needs to be empowered through love. Speak rightly today and if you truly don’t care about someone may be you shouldn’t be the one correcting them.

God Bless You beautiful people – have a great weekend.

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