Humility – God’s nature

Humility is a God nature. A more willingness to serve than be known for something. It is the desire to give more than the desire to be known as possessing. It is the desire to get the job done without the desire to taking the credit. It is longing to see profit of an action without expectation of the accolades that comes from the cost incurred in carrying out the action. Humility puts more value on the service rather than the servant. It holds the key to greatness.

Humility is willingness to adopt any means no matter how lowly or highly it may seem to get the service rendered. It is abdicating your rights to be known so that your mission be accomplished. It is divinity taking up the roles of humanity to make them part of eternity. Jesus was made unto us the perfect example of humility and this is what really made him great. True greatness is a product of genuine humility.

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