Let go of the hurt

Sometimes we just need to let go of the hurt that people have caused in our lives. Most times it looks like it takes people hurting or disappointing us to make us wiser.

Don’t continue to live in the hurt someone has caused you but be thankful to God for them and for the lessons they have taught you. When you think deeply, may be that’s the only way you may have learnt. If God allowed them to have come into our lives, then they must have played exactly the role why God allowed them pass our way.

Move on with joy and never let the hurt of the past stain your present or future. If anything, wish them the best of life. It is natural to be hurt by those who have wronged you, but it is divine to love and wish them the very best in life. I do agree it could be difficult, but it is liberating and possible. God Bless You

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