Look and See Part 1

In Genesis 13:14-15 God said to Abram LOOK from WHERE THOU ART. All that you CAN SEE, I will give it to you. Wow so much in this scriptures that I have been meditating on and would love to share.

Two people can look at the same thing but see differently. God said they will receive not based on what they are looking at but rather BASED on what they SEE. If the SEEing is the emphasis, then we must meditate more on what affects our seeing.

Before I reflect more on the seeing, a phrase that also strikes is “FROM WHERE THOU ART”. This means ANYBODY irrespective of where you are in your work of faith is qualified to SEE as long as they LOOK…Glory!!!

No matter your situations, no matter the past, no matter what people have said, who believes or doesn’t believe you, no matter the pressures – FROM WHERE YOU ARE, if you can only LOOK AND SEE, God says it shall be given to you. It is your set time of FAVOUR and it is only the beginning.

More sharing to come…God Bless You!!!

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