Prayer for disciples

I never stop giving thanks for you as I mention you in my prayers…Ephesians 1:16 (ISV)

One of the key things in discipleship is prayer for the one you are raising up in the things of God. God’s kingdom is a spiritual kingdom and our means of achieving spiritual impacts will have to be spiritual.
Relying on any other means to make spiritual impacts will be futile.

Prayer is a spiritual exercise that is a must in discipling people. Praying without ceasing with such intensity to reflect your desire for another’s salvation is effective in discipling someone. Jesus said to Peter -“Satan had desired to have you for himself but I have prayed for you”(paraphrased)…Luke 22:31-32 (GWT)

You may have a spouse, a friend, a colleague, a family member, a church member who hasn’t been responding positively to the way of righteousness. Take the place of consistent and passionate prayer for such one. To experience spiritual transformation, we must sow spiritual seeds of prayer. No one has gone too far for prayers, nothing has gone too wrong for prayer, and anyone can be transformed when we pray. God Bless You

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