Seeking God’s kingdom

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness…every other thing shall be added unto you…(Matt 6:33). Things change for the one who passionately seeks after God and the establishment of his kingdom in the hearts of men.

People are often consumed by their desire, dreams and goals and put God and his kingdom to when it is convenient. That is a spiritual error and has long term ‘foundational’ consequences for what you are seeking.

Everything that man required was made before he was created. Now that is God’s pattern. We were made to cease from labor of trying to get things to work out. We attract our desires when God and his Kingdom are our greatest desire.

The job, the husband, the health, the baby, the finances – whatever you desire will find you when you are busy seeking God. others try to protect something they ‘have’ at all including the cost of seeking God. But they never find true peace, always on the edge trying to keep it together, constantly scared of loosing what they have. It ought not to be so!

When what you get comes from seeking God, then it will be kept and also yield fruit through seeking him. Be passionate about God and his kingdom and you will be amazed at how angels will function for you. Stay blessed and keep abounding in God’s favour.

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