Single Sisters – An advice

Ok, just a little word of advise to my beautiful and lovely sisters in need or in search of a relationship. I see so many things alot of times and I feel i should drop some tips that hopefully could help someone.

(1) Don’t get involved with someone that is not of the same faith with you. Its not always about love, love is good but its not all that matters. There is what is called principles for living and love is just one of them.

(2) Don’t get deceive into thinking they will change because of you. If you are not ready to change for them, then its unfair to expect them to change for you. Don’t build your life on assumptions, be sure. If your heart is involved, then your life is involved.

(3) Know where you are going, love is the most amazing journey in life, but when the destination is not certain, it could be the most destructive accident of all. If your heart is involved, it will hurt in the end if you keep on without being sure where it is ending. Simple question like ‘what do you think of me?’, ‘what’s your plan with this relationship’, ‘who am I to you?’ are very simple things to reveal their hearts. If they love you, they will tell you exactly what’s on their mind. If you are afraid it will push them away, sorry you can’t keep them either by keeping quiet. Only wasting your time.

(4) It is true that people change, hence be led by the one who doesn’t in making the decision for a relationship. Let God guide you. He is not confuse. We make mistakes when we are desperate or feel we need to have someone at a point in time. These are common symptoms of unbelief and doubts and this is what makes things linger cos we disable God when we are double minded. Be focused, he never said ‘I will take care of everything in your life but you figure out your love life’. It makes no sense. Don’t trust him for everything else and try to figure out “prince charming” for yourself.

(5) If someone truly loves you, no matter what you do, they will still love you. Don’t try to be what you are not just so you can be accepted. Be yourself cos if you are not you may be attracting someone who isn’t just what you think they are.

(6) Someone that is afraid or unwilling to associate with your family or acquaintance isn’t flagging the right flags. The love is questionable if you are the only one in your world that is loved. Everything about you including your family, your career, your concerns, your involvements should interest them.

(7) Doing what married people do when you aren’t married, doesn’t inspire God to stamp your relationship with the grace for married people. Live like unmarried if you aren’t. That way God knows where you want to be.

Yes times may have changed but the true tests of love haven’t changed. Its sad to see people making the same mistakes all the time. They fall for the same kind of people and expect a different outcome. It touches my heart because everyone wants to feel special and loved, and they really do deserve to feel this way. I am not juding and neither am I being critical or misunderstanding, but I sometime think its possible that they never know. We can waste more time with the wrong stuff in life, because we get impatient. We end up hurt and spend more time recovering, other loose their faith and spend the rest of their life in regrets cos they live life being stuck. Sometimes good things come fast, but most time the perfect one takes time just cos they are specially made. Its better to be patient to get the best, than be unprepared for what God has for you due to the pressures of society, family, friends and other stuffs. Eve didn’t go searching, she was brought to Adam. Stay right were he has placed you, and you will be discovered.

I pray that God’s wisdom be available to all those who truly love him and wanting some brotherly loving 🙂  God Bless You.

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