Stay through the challenges

Just because things aren’t working out the way you expected does not mean you are on the wrong path neither does it mean that your dream was a fluke. Keep your visions alive. Keep the image alive in your mind constantly, pray with the vision, keep meditating on it even when everything else is contrary to its fulfillment. Keep speaking it forth and keep its excitement through prayer.

You are not qualified to fulfill a vision you are not ready to hold on to in the face of challenges. Even when no one else supports it, keep it alive in your heart. The bible says it may linger but wait for it. It will come to pass, if you don’t give up on it. If you have been slack in holding on, its time to get back on track with it. Hold on to the image of your expectation cos you create what you focus on.

Challenges are temporary but quitting is forever. There’s no need to quit when your vision is going to be a reality. Do not fulfill the devils vision by quitting – MAKE HIM THE QUITTER and MAKE GOD A TESTIMONY. Remember the vision has an appointed time… there is already a time in God’s in which your vision is to be fulfilled. You simply cannot break the eternal-long record of making God’s word fail. Those that hold on to the vision WILL always wear the CROWN.

God Bless You.

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