The first time I set my eyes on her

It was like any other Sunday when I walked into  a church on the Gold Coast in January 2005 . While praise and worship was going on, I noticed a black lady I had never seen before who turned around to look at me with a smile. After church we did meet and introduced ourselves. We made our exchange of contacts information and I had some follow up made because she simply was delightful. My dad taught me to always keep delightful people in my life. The more of them I had the more I would appreciate life.

We didnt speak too much as I was always busy in life but kept contact every now and then,. I knew she was special but just couldn’t put my finger on exactly what is was about her that made her glow. I soon realised she was born again and very committed to the gospel of grace and even much more now. She left the church some months later to start a church that would be Christ Embassy Gold Coast with some couple of other friends. Their zeal was unquenchable, their passion undeniable.

I was still attending my former church but one day decided to pay them a visit in their new church venue. It was clear when I began to listen to the teaching of Pastor Chris, that indeed there was a higher calling in Christ, and I was called to be a part of this. There were no musical instruments but their voices, no cutting edge technologies but their visions, no fanciful auditorium but their smiles…It was just a welcoming atmosphere. I later enrolled for the foundation school were the unnamed lady was the cordinator and was taken through foundation school to get to know more about the tenets of the gospel and the church. She was a precise communicator with excellent knowledge of the WORD.

We were acquaintances and just a brotherhood of friends. I was not in any relationship and wasn’t thinking of any at the time, although I had a picture of what I would want for one. The scripture talked about serving the LORD and he would grant you the desire of your heart. My service for God was a bit of challenge as I had a very busy schedule at my place of work, but still made much efforts to give to the service of the LORD.

It must have been sometime in February of 2006, when I had gone for a visit at my Pastor’s house, this unnamed lady had just finished foundation class and walked into the lounge area. Something happened…I saw a glow I had never seen on her before, and effulgence of beauty, an atmosphere of undeniable power and profound love. I went home that night and payed a prayer … I said LORD, when you are giving me a wife, could you give me someone like Tino (thats her name) for a wife. I loved what I saw today and I would want to be a part of that. I never thought I deserved her, so someone like her was my prayer request.

To cut the long story short, I had set a 3-day prayer and fasting to hear from GOD about my life partner and how I wanted him to direct me into the “one” for my life. There were other things I needed directions for in life too. It was the first night of prayer while worshipping that I had an unforgettable experience. I felt his presence in my room so strong and during the course of our fellowship that night, I heard that voice … Why seek for something you can have? I understood what he meant. That was all I needed, the assurance that I could apply for her to be mine. I was convinced of this choice and that was my motivation till now.

We have been through alot together, it was like a relationship that would never produce results, so many obstacles and difficult times along the way but yet in all things we have been more than conquerors. Many do not know what we have been through, but then we would rather let the world know of God’s faithfulness in our lives. Because we were orchestrated for the praise and glory of his name, for the establishment of his Kingdom, for the testimony of his grace. He that has begun a good work in our lives has far beyond our expectation established us in all of his righteousness and his Kingdom. I am so happy and fulfilled to have you my dearest. What more will I say… I stand in awe of you Tino Odon mother of my princess ..Ruby-Zoe Odon. Its been many years and it feels as though I was born with you. I do and will always love you.

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