To my dear wife

Its been indeed a splendid experience and wonderful time of bliss been married to you. I cannot count how many times i have had to think through my decission to be joined to you, and each time I have had to smile on the thought of how blessed I am.


The day I met you

I know I have had to say it so many times but I will never forget the day you walked through you lounge (after your foundation class) and I looked at you. Even though I had spoken to you so many times before, what I saw that  day I have seen grow in you. Your effulgence of beauty, wtinesses of splendour and immaculate personality. I never thought I deserved you and so needed to ask God for someone like you to be my dream wife. God Bless the day I saw my dream in you.


Each Time I look at you

Each time I look at you, I see invalubale treasure and I realise that you can get the very best of life even if you never deserved it. If I was ever to give an example of what supernatural favour is, it will be that I was married to you. You are beautiful, tender, loving, graceful, distinguished, immaculate, inspirational and never a boring time with you.


My dreams you fulfil

Dream can come true … Something I can say with confidence cos you came true for me. Before I met you all I had was a dream of ‘the one’ wife. But reality check made me realised there are so many other parts of the dream I didnt even have. You surpass my dreams, you have it, you are it for me. My dreams you fulfil and more abundantly supply.


Your touch, your kiss, your love your warmth

Each moment of your touch, your kiss, your love and your warmth has been more spiritual than just passion. You touch so tender and yet so strong, your kiss so memorable and they deliver your affection. Never held a world cup trophy in my hands, but anytime I hold you I smile and think to myself – those guys have no clue what thrill of excitment is. Your cuddles are so relaxing, comforting and quite a bliss. Its been years holding you but each time, it feels fresh holding you.


The loudness of your silence

Not very sure anymore who is more quiet – you or me. I use to think I was more talkative until I realised how much you spoke with your silence. What  beautiful lessons I have learnt from you especially when you dont talk. Your silence and expressions are so impressive that they give me food for thought. You are an inestimable jewel that speaks so much when you are silent.


The time we spent … the moments we share

Its been fun! fun!! fun!!!. I have had so much fun being with you and spending time with you. I know I have been very busy but the value of the time spent with you has been so much fun and exciting. The midnight ‘stories’ when I am sleeping, the english corrections when I am talking, the movie called ‘your excitment’ when you are shopping, the ladies shows you make me watch ( nanny diaries, hair spray – still cant believe it). Well for all its worth, the most important thing of all is that you are there.


The Kingdom of shoes

I took it as a vow but never realised that this kingdom was that much in you. I never knew how animate shoes were until they showed up in our home. The love for you shoe kingdom, I am deeply impressed and yes If I have been happy despite the knowledge of the kingdom, I promise again to build this kingdom with you.


Your tears, my pains

We’ve had our time of tears and conflicts, times where pains were felt but how amazing that the things that caused them have come and gone and left us stronger and closer.  You are my perfect partner in the defeats of conflicts that may arise in the seas of life. Wow … the world may have known our laughters but they have never known that those laughters were our trophies after the battles of conflicts, challenges and changes have been won. We are constantly winning and I am happy to be a team player with you.


A present beyond value

No doubt you are the greatest gift, God gave to me after the Holy Spirit. I am so blessed to have received this package called you. I know its humanly impossible to open the same present more than once, however i have felt that every time I valued you as my life present, your value increases the more …its only been a year … My life is one very special one with you.


Living it, breathing it, showing it, telling it – THE WORD

What else could be more rewarding and blessed than having someone like you who has the fear of God. If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then what is the love of God – YOU. You are an expression of God’s love to me, you are the package of divine assistance to me, you are my present help for the work HE has commisioned me. You have fulfilled a great commission in my life, by enabling me to be what he has chosen me to be – A minister of life to those who are in need. Your prayers have made me stronger, your counsel has brought out my treasures. The wisdom in your obedience has inspired me and reaffirmed God’s call in my life. Yes it had to be an angelic ministration and assitance like yours to bring out the best in me. You are the WORD living with me. For those who may not fully understand the love of God … an example will be the YOU to ME.


Our future , Our Vision, Our kingdom

I am over joyed by the future we have. The greatness of our kingdom and the impact of our union. I am too proud and pleased to have you be the mother of my children… the thought of that … the thrills… the tickles … overwhelmed thoughts. Its exciting when I think of our future, I know there are junctions of excitment we are yet to reach, fields of passion yet to be explored, carriages of achievements yet to be ridden and  treasures of intimacy yet to be discovered. I am so happy for the ride of life we are embarking on together. Forever I am yours.


Once more thank you

Its the twelfth item – each for the month we have been married. I could write more but I wish to say thank you. No human words are rich enough to lend an avenue to communicate my thoughts but I know that my heart beats in a rhythm of thanks and appreciation for you … Ndinokuda Tinokuda. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to love you and to be the one you call your husband. God Bless You in Jesus Name.

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2 thoughts on “To my dear wife

  1. Such a beautiful heartfelt pouring out of words. Your actions speak loudly Pastor Peter. Keep going ☺♡☺

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