When you say I love you

Those three words … I love you – quite common but what does it really mean?

To love is an action … be ready to act.

For God so loved the world that he gave …Love will always prompt you to give. You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. Love always commands that we give something… If you really loved someone, a thing, a course you will give for it and to it.

Love is not meant to be deserved. People dont need to earn your love. Genuine love is tested when people do things that may even irritate but yet you see them for who they could be and not for who they are. Genuine love will stay for that person that does not even deserve to be loved.

Love does not relive a bad past all the time for love covers a multitude of sin. Love does not remember or respond to the wrongs of the past if forgiveness has been given. Love says i will not bring forward the consequences of the things that forgiveness has taken away. Forgiveness is a must when love is present.

Love and trust are two different things. You can love without trusting, but if you truly love you will be prepared to work on the trusting. Loving when not deserved is an act of faith.

Love understands and love does not judge. Love does not compromise with wrong but does know that there is a difference between the wrong and the person involved in it. Genuine love seperates the actor from the actions.

Love is caring. A gift, a cuddle, a hold, a kiss, a smile, the time are all the features that demonstrates love. They dont cost much but yet they have great value.

Love keeps people around you. If they like to be around you, then you have the atmosphere of love. If they dont like to be around you, dont be deceived you may not really have what you think you have, and if you did have it …its not active enough. Love has an atmosphere, has a sweet aroma, is overwhelming but yet very comforting, friendly and peaceful. When people believe you love them, they will listen to what you have to say.

Finally love is God. To love means to be God’s hand outstretched to someone … yes someone else.

The next time you say I love you remember to mean it and do show it.

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