Feed on Christ

Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me…John 6:57 (NIV)

As we grow in intimacy with the knowledge of Christ, we realize that truly everything we require is in him. The life of Christ in us is far more powerful and potent than any sickness, conditions or ‘negative’ situations.

The more we know him, the more we realize who we are and when we realize who we are, life responds to us. We begin to see that we are more than a lesser image we have had of ourselves. God didn’t give his best to make us lesser than the best we could be. Prayer ceases to be just a way out of an inconvenient situation, reading the bible becomes more than a daily routine, religious activities becomes more than one of the things we do.

Life indeed is Christ expressing himself through us as we yield from our heart to him. As we ‘feed’, contemplate, focus, rest on him – he becomes manifested through us. We thus begin to do the impossible, change the unchangeable, accomplish the unimaginable and experience the highest level of peace and wholeness in our lives.

This is more than religion, this is reality and it is available to anyone who dares to commit their lives to feeding on Him. God Bless You.

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