Understanding Faith Part 1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

This week I hope to share on the topic of faith. The scripture above speaks of faith as being a SUBSTANCE of a hope. Faith is not hoping but rather a confirmation, an assurance that what is hoped for WILL happen. The emphasis in the scriptures are SUBSTANCE and EVIDENCE which gurantees an expectation. I usually give an illustration to express this which goes like this.

If Kim only comes to church on a Wednesday, then I might hope to see her on the next Wednesday. But if I needed to see her on a Tuesday and called her over the phone to request a meeting and she confirmed that she will come to see me on Tuesday – my going to church expecting to see her on a Tuesday will be an act of faith. Without a confirmation for a Tuesday, I will only be going to church – ‘waiting’ and hoping to see her.

Now if someone saw me in Church on Tuesday waiting for Kim, the only assurance that they will have from me that my waiting is not in vain is the WORD of confirmation I got from her that she will come. This will be necessary because it’s not normal for her to come on a Tuesday. It will take a word of confirmation to expect and receive the ‘unusual’.

Putting the above illustration in understanding faith, we see that faith is more than just wishing something will happen. It is more than trying to make something happen. Faith is actually a revelation that guarantees that an expectation will not be cut off. Faith is based on the Word of confirmation.

The scripture declares that Faith COMES by hearing, and hearing by the WORD of God (Romans 10:17). I make bold to say that until you have a word to stand on, you can’t really function in faith. Understanding that faith is based on a SUBSTANCE or an EVIDENCE is key to walking in faith. Hope to share a bit more tomorrow. Stay blessed and have a great week ahead.

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