3 ways to grow your faith

Desire God’s pure word as newborn babies desire milk. Then you will grow in your salvation…1st Peter 2:2 (GWT)

I believe that there are probably different ways that one could grow in faith but I wish to consider three important means by which faith can be grown.

1 – Growing in the knowledge of God’s word.
A discipline to listen, read and study the word is important. If faith comes by hearing the Word and you are starved of the Word, it just means over time faith will grow weak. It’s no wonder people who have stayed away from church for a time, stopped listening to messages or studying the word start to grow weak in their faith. Faith is a manifestation of a healthy spirit and the God’s Word is food for the spirit. If the spirit is starved, then it will obviously become too weak to act.

2 – Listening to other people’s testimonies.
When faced with a challenging time or when you feel your faith is needing some strengthening, seek out to listen, watch testimonies that are related to things that you are needing faith for. Google or search Youtube or other media for inspirational videos, articles of healings, miracles or great exploits of people whose faith have produced results and be inspired. (Romans 15:4)

3 – Have a faith project.
Commit yourself to something that will require faith so you can exercise yourself in faith. Your next level of operation is always outside of your comfort zone. Until we can believe for the unusual we will always remain with the status quo. A change of experiences will require a change of actions and believe.

Do have a wonderful day ahead and remain blessed.

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