A fresh start

Comes to a point in your life where you decide to start afresh. Start afresh and away from all the wrong choices, wrong associations and wrong habits. You realize that within you lies the key to recreating the future you deserve.

Too many investments have been made on you for you to return a failure or lesser than you can be. Its that time when you tell yourself the truth that you will never be any different if you continued the way you have been going.Its that moment when you realize your subconscious needs a whole new blueprint for the rest of your life. Its that moment when you say ‘Yes’ to the things that make you what you were created to be and a big non-negotiable ‘No’ to those things that have taken advantage of you.

Its that moment when you know and accept that you have made some bad choices and you accept all responsibility so you can change everything that impacts on you. “If it affects me, then I can change it” you say within yourself. “It has been a whole lot of mess but I am changing everything from now on”. The fact remains for most people its not much of a drastic change required but rather some little change with a commitment to maintain it over a life time.

“If change is possible then why not today” you say to yourself. Its a decision not to get back to some ‘great’ level you have experienced in the past but rather to push the boundaries, test the limit of possibilities to places that you have never in life experienced. Its that moment when you realize you have held the keys to the prison you have found yourself in waiting for someone someday to free you.

Its that day you realize the enemy that you think was out there all the while has been you all along and that the greatest lie you have always believed was that you were powerless. That moment, that day is when everything changes and a story that will resound for the rest of your life and beyond begins.

Enough is enough for being lesser than you can be. Today is when the rest of your life begins, make today count, give birth to that moment and take the next step into what changes everything. Be blessed… you are more than what you have always been.

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